‘Aesop’ to open at Simpich Theater

       Old Colorado City puppeteer David Simpich will reprise his first-ever solo performance with live presentations of his original play, “Aesop,” Sept. 22 to Nov. 7

In his original play, "Aesop" (drawing from the famous fables), puppeteer David Simpich (as the title character) converses with a lion - one of several animal characters he made for the play.
Courtesy of David Simpich

       The location will be the Simpich Showcase Marionette Theatre, 2413 West Colorado Ave., with shows Fridays (7 p.m.) and Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays (2:30 p.m.).
       Admission costs are $12 for adults, $11 for seniors and $10 for children. On Wednesdays, all seats are $9.
       Performances are recommended for adults and school-age children.
       The cast will consist of Simpich as Aesop (a slave in ancient Greece whose fables are still told to this day), as well as “life-sized animal marionettes and hand puppets,” a press release states. Built by Simpich, they represent various animals who were featured in Aesop's stories, including a lion, stork, fox, grasshopper and ant. The ensemble will present a “unique amalgamation of over ten of the stories,” the release continues.
       Recalling how the stories were read to him as a child, Simpich said he “decided to actually become a part of the action of the show in the roll of the escaped hunchback slave. It not only allowed for a unique story concept, it was a way of inviting the audience 'back stage', so to speak, to observe the process of creating live puppet theatre.”
       For more information, or to buy tickets, call 465-2492 or go to simpich.com.

From a press release