Baalman BBQ paintings set for Art Walk

       Jason Baalman, who specializes in unusual art, estimates that he will have about a dozen original creations ready for the Old Colorado City Art Walk (Friday, Sept. 3 from 5 to 8 p.m.) that are painted with barbecue sauce.
       The paintings will be on view at different Old Colorado City locations, reflecting a mix between some of the official galleries in the Art Walk and businesses with “barbecue themes,” he said this week. One of the latter will be Front Range Barbeque, 2330 W. Colorado Ave., which is where he had the idea in the first place, as well as Squash Blossom, another “partner” in the endeavor, as he described it.
       The Old Colorado City artist had previously sauce-painted for a country TV station and it wound up on a video, but the thought that recently crossed his mind was “Why can't I do it locally when it benefits me and the community?”
       The works will be on wood, with images ranging from landscapes to animals to music themes. Asked about his technique, Baalman said he basically fingerpaints with sauce and condiments, using a wood burner to add darker coloring as needed.
       Those businesses displaying Baalman BBQ paintings during the Art Walk will have signs in their windows saying so, the artist said.

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