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February 11th, 2010                 Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                Volume 7, Number 6

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'I'm from West' - carnival reveals developing identity

No-camping ordinance passes: City Council supports police plan; implementation anticipated by March

Life-long dream for new top cop

Sharing some history

Home-grown soldier fighting back from Iraq mortar wounds

Scouting centennial: Recalling talented, dedicated local leader recalled

EDITOR'S DESK: News and Frankenstein's bride

What do you do? Deborah Bonifas

COBWEB CORNERS: More about ice

GUEST COLUMN: A good year, mate!

After initial confusion with $, city OK with Rock Ledge opening plan

Letters: Pleased to see no-camping vote from Jerry Heimlicher

Letters: Homeless treated to trash pickup from Carla DeKalb

Butcher: $140K still target for Westside Center

Neighbors get input on 47-acre development

Service cut off, Uintah closed in line break Feb. 9

Biz Buzz: New exhibit; Bank's 30th; center fundraiser

Westside schools: Holmes, West math students add to successes

In memoriam: Ronald R. Smith

Westside Briefs: Traffic study at Mesa Springs meeting

More meters on Westside for homeless programs

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