City wraps up final CDBG project in Mesa Springs NSA

       The last Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) work in the Mesa Springs neighborhood has been completed.

Concrete subcontractors touch up parts of the Chestnut Street project area this week.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The climactic project consisted of curb, gutter and sidewalk along Chestnut Street between Columbia and Buena Ventura streets, according to Don Sides, head of the CDBG capital improvement program.
       Three similar types of upgrades have been accomplished over the past two years, in fulfillment of a Sides pledge to Mesa Springs residents in May 2008 after they learned that their area was being terminated as a Neighborhood Strategy Area (NSA) after 20-some years.
       Those three were on Jefferson and Jackson streets, as well as along Chestnut Street between Columbia Street and its dead end just north of Uintah Street.
       At the time of Sides' 2008 announcement, there was $100,000 in the Mesa Springs NSA account. He told the neighbors then that he would probably need to at least match that amount from other CDBG NSA accounts to cover the promised projects' costs. As it turned out, he explained this week, his prediction came true because the total cost totaled about $250,000.
       The city is still providing about $3,000 in CDBG funds this year to help cover the needs of the Mesa Springs Community Association (the city-recognized volunteer neighborhood group for the area) in funding meeting or newsletter costs. But that aid will run out at the end of March 2011, Sides said.
       CDBG funds come from the federal government.
       The city establishes NSAs in neighborhoods based on income level and condition of public infrastructure. Mesa Springs covers an area bounded by I-25, Fillmore Street, Uintah Street and Sondermann Park.

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