New Red Rock Canyon book full of history, geology

       A multitude of details related to Red Rock Canyon Open Space can be found in a new book that's exclusively on sale at the Old Colorado City History Center, 1 S. 24th St.

The cover of the new book by Ken Weissenburger, Sharon Milito and Don Ellis. Review copies can be perused at the Old Colorado City History Center.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The hard-bound, colorfully illustrated, 295-page book is titled “Geologic Folio: Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Colorado Springs, Colorado.” The authors are geologist Ken Weissenburger, paleontologist Sharon Milito and local historian Don Ellis.
       The price until May 1 is $39.95, rising to $54.95 after that.
       The history includes background information about the gold mining fever that led to people such as Anthony Bott starting Colorado City and then turning to what is now Red Rock Canyon for construction rock. As for the rocks themselves, the book graphically tells the history of their formation (dating back millions of years), the animals that roamed this part of the world in primeval times, what the different types of rocks are, where they can be found on the property, the step-by-step details of how the miners extracted them from the red rock quarries of the late 1800s and the buildings that were made from the material.
       In an interview, Ellis gave the bulk of the credit for the book's production to Weissenburger. “He brought it all together,” Ellis said. “He took our stuff and synthesized it into the final book.” In addition, Ellis said the geologist did much of the writing, shot all the pictures of historical buildings, obtained permissions from museums to use numerous historical pictures and laid out the pages for the printer.
       The purpose of the pre-publication sale is to pay for the cost of printing the books. “Anything earned beyond the price of publishing is to be split between the Historical Society and the Friends of Red Rock Canyon,” Ellis said.
       The number of books in the first printing has not yet been determined, and will depend on the pre-publication sales, he said.
       The purpose of the book is to get out useful information about Red Rock, he explained. The geology especially “will be useful to teachers or people like me who are interested in it.”

Courtesy of Don Ellis