EDITORíS DESK: Time for a break... you think?

       So here we go with the Westside Pioneer, off to our summer break. One week doing something(s) other than publishing a weekly newspaper. I suppose that calls for some kind of profound verbiage here in this column, but I'm blamed if I know what it might be. It's not as if the news stops just because we do. And the truth is, we'll be following whatever "new" news that might occur and stopping by various scheduled events or meetings that promise high levels of community perkiness. We just won't be publishing any of that until June 24.
       On big-time newspapers, as might be imagined, writers, editors and advertising and financial people take vacations all the time. It's just that when they go, there are others to "hold down the fort" and publish in their absence. Here at the Pioneer, there is no one else in the fort, not even inert forms that can be propped up to fool the enemy, as in the classic French Foreign Legion tale, "Beau Geste"... although who knows, one of these days, the staffer who has been identified for seven years as "Technoguy (apprentice)" may grow up all the way and find himself doing just that (helping in the fort, I mean). For now, it's kick enough to have Rioux be co-editor of Coronado High's Cougar Chronicle. Look out, educators, here come the Jordan boys, ready to strike fear in the hearts of the undeservedly tenured!
       OK, I can see it's time to take that break. I plan to read a little, do some yard work, catch up on some filing, take a short trip, watch a movie or two on DVD and figure out why the Rockies aren't hitting. Therese will do some of the same stuff (though probably not the Rockies part). And somehow, when our week off is done, no doubt we will feel refreshed and ready to publish like gangbusters once again. How can I be so sure? Easy. Because better even than breaks is the knowledge that putting out this newspaper is the greatest privilege in the world.

- K.J.