Westsider’s book proposes non-political ‘energy crisis’ solutions

       Westside resident Jacek Popiel calls for a technically based, politically neutral solution to what he terms the nation's “energy crisis” in his new book, titled “Viable Energy Now.”

Jacek Popiel

       A native of Poland, Popiel has worked in international business development, dealing with both the public and private sectors and most recently focusing on advanced automotive technology.
       The future will require working toward efficient - rather than cheap - energy, he writes on his website (which has the same name as his book). He adds, however, that at the same time the United States should avoid dependency on other nations by working harder to develop its own domestic oil supplies and to develop synthetic fuels. Popiel also cautions against a national carbon tax, which “will not only prevent a healthy economic recovery but will put the U.S at a further disadvantage with respect to competing economies.”
       A self-published 177-page paperback with copies on demand (200 initially),“Viable Energy Now” is being sold online through the Amazon and Barnes & Noble booksellers.
       Popiel and his wife Joanna have four grown children. They have lived on the Westside for 10 years.
       An example of a major area needing better energy efficiency is transportation, the author points out on his website: “Let it first be said that improving efficiency does not mean legislating higher mileage standards. We have had those for decades and have evaded them by creating new categories of vehicles not subject to the standards. A more spectacular failure is hard to imagine… What we need is something already available, and that does not burden the consumer: better automotive design.”
       Overall, Popiel decries the non-constructive bickering between the political Left and Right and urges the nation's government and industry leaders to work together on “broadly acceptable common solutions…. Our Constitution was not designed to exclude, but to unify. It is in that spirit that we must resolve the current crisis.”

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