Overnight ‘Read-a-Thon’ at Academy charter school

       Students, staff and parents at the Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (AACL) will join an all-night Read-a-Thon Challenge at the school from 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 1 to 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2.
       The event is a fundraiser for the new charter school at 2510 N. Chestnut St. (former site of Pike Elementary). A press release from academy director Nikki Myers states, “The school needs to raise money for field trips, a shed for equipment, art room enhancements, and educational supplies, so why not encourage students to do what they love to do? Students will find sponsors for each page that they read or listen to someone else read. Community members are invited to join in the fun by reading pages to students as well.”
       The way the event will work, the school will be “locked down” at 6 p.m. Oct. 1 for the first Read-a-Thon group. The doors will be opened every two hours thereafter to allow previous groups to go home and new groups to come in, Myers explained.
       “There will be a lights-out room for kids who stay and are ready to go to sleep, and/or parents coming with students or picking them at the end of a session (rather than leaving at all different times, to keep the building secure),” the director continued. “They will either wear their pajamas or come dressed as a favorite author or storybook character.”
       The Read-a-Thon also kicks off a year-long challenge to see if students and teachers can read half-a-million pages by May 31st, Myers said.
       The school has about 170 students in all.

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