Westside Center brochure won’t be mailed

       The next Westside Community Center brochure was already going to have one “first,” by merging its offerings with those of the Meadows Park Center.
       The quarterly listing of classes, events, trips and other activities will also be unique in another money-saving way, according to Brian Kates, who became director of both centers starting this year. The information will be listed first on the city website, and the document itself will not be mailed out to households as it has been in the past, he said this week.
       In fact, the website is slated to show the listings this week, before the printed version, which is not expected to be ready until mid-January, Kates said.
       Anyone wanting a printed brochure can get one from the center, at 1628 W. Bijou St., as long as they last. The total print run will be 400, he said.
       The city used to mail out 1,600 brochures for the center each quarter. The savings this time will be significant, because each brochure costs $2 to print, and now there will also be no mailing expense, Kates said.

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