EDITORíS DESK: The back story on the backdrop

       Interesting about the Garden of the Gods backdrop. I suppose we could just assume there are too many obstacles for those lots ever to be developed, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. I've had personal experience with owners of hillside properties who are willing to wait for years, if necessary, for a government alignment that would finally let them erect their exotic construction dreams, because after all those are their lands and anyone complaining about drainage or eyesores is not showing due respect for private property. As an example of that, did you ever see the model John and Richard Bock created for their vision of Red Rock Canyon (before the city bought it as open space following John's death in 2003), which included a sports arena, 1 million-square-foot shopping center and residential towers up to 36 stories high? Anyway, it's a comfort to know - and certainly worth noting - that the city and the Palmer Land Trust have been quietly taking steps over the past 30-some years to preserve that western view from the floor of the Garden of the Gods. And all the while most of us unsuspecting citizens assumed that the unbroken hillsides were just part of the park. Contributing to the comfort, at least for me, is that the city and Land Trust are not seeking legislation to prevent development on those properties. That would seem a bit un-American. No, they're taking the hard road, which is to buy them one by one (or encourage their donations)...
       I was sorry to learn that Merell Folsom will no longer be portraying Abraham Lincoln at the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site's Family Fourth events. Not only could Merell make himself look like the great president, but his volunteer presentations - combining gravity with the kind of dry humor we associate with Lincoln - did a wonderful job of evoking him.

- K.J.