Bear Creek gardeners seek money for goats

       Hoping to bring back weed-eating goats this fall, the Bear Creek Garden Association has raised “about three-quarters of what we need” ($6,000), according to Char Nymann, president of the volunteer non-profit.
       As in past years, the money would pay a Wyoming herd owner to come down with her 500 goats and let them loose in 19-acre area around the association's garden in Bear Creek Regional Park east of 21st Street which the volunteers organically maintain under an agreement with County Parks. Not only would the animals eat the weeds, their fertilizer would help indigenous growth, Nymann explained.
       If the money can be raised in the next few weeks, the goats would be able to come in October.
       Nymann understands that many people may find it difficult to donate. “The economy is tough,” she said. “A lot of people are short of money.”
       The weeds will have to go, in any case, because of laws regarding noxious weeds.
       In the past, association volunteers have tackled the job. But it will be a big job this year. “With all the rain, the weeds have gone crazy,” Nymann said. “Things have seeded that we didn't have last year.”
       The association, which receives no government funding, would like to bring in the goats twice annually, based on studies showing that doing this three years in a row would result in lasting weed eradication. However, over the past three years sufficient funds (through grants and donations) have only allowed the animals to come in the spring and fall 2007 and fall '09.
       For those wishing to donate, checks should be made payable to “Bear Creek Garden Association - Goat Fund,” and mailed to BCGA, Post Office Box 38326, Colorado Springs, CO 80937.
       For more information, call 473-5827.

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