Westside schools:
CSAP 3rd-grade reading scores in

       The Westside's Howbert, Buena Vista Montessori and Jackson elementaries each scored above 80 percent Proficient and Advanced in unofficial third-grade reading results released this week from Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) testing that occurred this spring.
       Scores of Proficient or Advanced indicate that students understand their grade-level curriculum. Scores of Unsatisfactory or Partly Proficient do not hold students back a year.
       Third grade is the first year CSAP tests are offered. Students take the test every spring through 10th grade. In some grades, subject matter also includes math and science. The unofficial third-grade reading results are typically released early, while the other scores come out in early August.
       Here are the Proficient/ Advanced percentages for all the Westside District elementaries:
  • Howbert, 86; Buena Vista, 85; Jackson, 80; Bristol, 66; West, 61; Midland, 57.
           Comparisons with previous years could be misleading because each of the Westside schools was altered by District 11 consolidation/closures that took effect this year. Enrollment went up at Howbert, Jackson, Bristol and Midland because of the closures of Pike, Whittier and Washington; Buena Vista consists only of the Montessori portion of the former BV; and the new West Elementary consists mostly of students from the closed Washington and Whittier as well as the non- Montessori Buena Vista.
           Two West Middle School math students have each won a $1,000 scholarship through a math competition sponsored by the Raytheon company.
           The successes by eighth-graders Jacob Carson and Elizabeth Donahoo also trigger two $1,000 matching grants to their school, according to West math teacher Phil Hutcherson. “Is that not cool or what?” he said. “We are going to use the money to get materials to increase student knowledge and skills to help other students increase their chances for scholarships related to math.”
           In the competition, about 3,000 students nationwide were vying for 150 scholarships. The question they had to answer was “How Does Math Put the Action in My Passion?”
           According to Hutcherson, “they had to demonstrate their own mathematical findings, including formulas. It was not just some normal research report or presentation. The chances of one student winning was slim, but two students winning is really cool, and it shows the great things they have accomplished.”

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