7 from Coronado named to All-State Choir

       Seven Coronado High School students were chosen for the All-State Choir after live auditions last fall.

Coronado High School's All-State Choir selections are (from left) Megan Flynn, Micheal Lopez, Tim Murphy, Riley Ehrlich, Corrie Baker, Morgan Unruh and Kara Brewer.
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       They are Corrie Baker (soprano), Kara Brewer (alto), Riley Ehrlich (tenor), Megan Flynn (soprano), Micheal Lopez (bass/baritone), Timothy Murphy (tenor) and Morgan Unruh (soprano). All are seniors except Murphy, a junior. (Applicants must be either in the 11th or 12th grades.)
       Brewer and Flynn are repeaters from last year's All-State group.
       Other than Coronado, only four other students from School District 11 were chosen for All-State Choir. Exact numbers have not yet been posted for this year, but typically about 2,000 students audition, with about 450 being chosen. The selectees will then be subdivided into three different groups (Men's, Women's and Mixed), which will perform Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.
       The seven selectees were asked about their musical aspirations. Their responses are summarized below:
       Baker, who also plays flute in the Coronado band, has not yet decided on a college or a major. But she knows music will be part of it. Right now, having choir first period and band second period is helping her get over “senioritis,” she said. “It's the reason I get up in the morning.”
       Brewer too is still deciding on a college. She'd eventually like to have a career in jazz vocals. Also a drum major with the school band, she's sung in choir since the eighth grade.
       Ehrlich said he will probably go to the University of Northern Colorado, with the intent of playing in its orchestra. He just started in choir this year.
       Flynn's choir background started 8 ˝ years ago with the Colorado Conservatory. She's not looking at it for a career, however. Her plan is to go to Pikes Peak Community College for two years, saving on tuition costs and “figuring out a major” before seeking a degree at a four-year university.
       Lopez hopes to continue in choir in college (not certain which one just yet), although he also wants to focus on his interests in the arts and psychology.
       Murphy's main interests are science and engineering. Still, he would like to continue with music in some form.
       Unruh has laid out a future that will take her to Colorado State University, where she will major in music therapy (emphasis on voice), with the goal of using that training for a career helping people whose severely disabled conditions can be aided through music. She also plays violin in the Coronado orchestra.

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