EDITORíS DESK: Just try and stop him

       On Oct. 6, 1951, Lt. Dave Hughes, a West Point graduate who was sick and tired of men being wounded and killed in his command, charged alone up a God- forsaken hill in Korea against entrenched Chinese forces, not even looking back to see if his troops were following.
       Did he succeed? Does God make little green apples?
       About 35 years ago, Col. Dave Hughes retired from the military and decided to move to the Westside. He educated himself about its history and style, led much of its revitalization and settled in as self-appointed protector of its soul.
       It should be no surprise that he's never shied away from a fight. He's probably antagonized everyone at least once. And you know what? He doesn't care. When he's sure he's right, like Davy Crockett, he goes ahead. Giving no quarter. Just like on that hill in Korea.
       The city and Westside have gotten a fresh taste of the Man Who Won't Take No for an Answer over the past couple of weeks. He's 81 years old, with a pacemaker that required surgical attention this month, but you'd never guess it. When Hughes decided the city wasn't trying hard enough to save the Westside Community Center, he marched into action. He attended meetings, he made phone calls, he sent strident e-mails - including one that made him no friends with the Organization of Westside Neighbors - and he appealed to City Council. In the end he got what he wanted: a slimmer center budget with a clear fundraising target... after which he talked the Old Colorado City Historical Society into accepting the donations. If the center is saved - no certainty there, Dave's even made sure people can get refunds - but if it is, he'll deserve the credit. Another solo charge. Another hill taken.

- K.J.