‘Central planning’ real survey goal
       Mr. Nelson makes the claim [in a Dec. 9 letter in the Westside Pioneer] that the government is not implementing “socialistic policies” in the pursuit of a sustainability program. He claims that sustainability-plan objections [in a previous letter] are “conservative styled paranoid hysterics.” He ends his discourse with: “The government feels as though without measures put in place to help sustain our development and growth” our prosperity is in jeopardy. That sounds like central planning to me; he is right - it is not “socialism.”
       I believe if you study the economic growth and prosperity in this country, there is an inverse relation with government involvement. If you read the article in the Nov. 24 Pioneer [“Sustain-ability plan: Dream or nightmare,”], a number of the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments' survey goals are targeted to control the behavior of the residents, from smoking to vehicle use. I find it disheartening that so many people view our government as a ruling class instead of as elected representatives.

Brad Collins