Q/A with on 21st/Hwy 24 project engineer

       Seeking an update on the continuing 21st Street/ Highway 24 safety project, the Westside Pioneer e-mailed four questions to project engineer Colleen Dawson Aug. 2. The questions and her answers appear below.

A crew with contractor US Roads installs a median on 21st Street between Highway 24 and Bott Avenue. Photo looks north toward the highway. A median has been planned at this location for several years. It had initially been opposed by Van Briggle Pottery, which was concerned about reduced access. However, Van Briggle relocated, and Griffis-Blessing created a new entrance off Bott during its Roundhouse renovation.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The median seems to be taking shape. Do you think it will be done this week?
       The contractor is hoping to have the project completed this week (ahead of schedule); however, with the rain that is forecast, the completion may get pushed into next week.
       When the median is done, will the second northbound through lane be opened?
       For safety, the opening of the second northbound lane will be dependent on the completion of the new signing and striping, not the completion of the median. The signing and striping is scheduled for this week as well.
       How will the northbound right turns be controlled? Will they have their own right turn arrow, saying when to go or stop? Or will motorists be on their own - they can go whenever they see an opening?
       The northbound right turns will be controlled by the signal at the intersection. There will be additional signal heads placed on the southeast signal pole (for traffic approaching the intersection) and the northeast signal pole (for traffic that is at the stop bar). Right turns will be allowed on red as traffic allows (like many signalized intersections), but there will not be an indicator for that move.
       A caller to our paper was concerned that the right turn lane wasn't long enough and would get backed up. Can you respond to that?
       The right turn lane was extended as far as possible without affecting existing accesses and/or the existing signal at Bott Avenue. As always, the city will monitor the improvements for issues (like backups) in the coming months, however we do not foresee any issues at this time.

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