Weekly OCCHS ‘art fair’ to end after Sept. 11

       The “art fair” outside the Old Colorado City History Center Saturday mornings will close for the season after Sept. 11, according to Jo Cervone, who helped organize the first-time event for the volunteer Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS).
       She said the summer enterprise has proven successful for the OCCHS, grossing $1,500 since opening day June 12.
       The event, occurring at the same time as the every-Saturday Farmer's Market on neighboring 24th Street, allows 5 to 10 crafters/artisans to set up on the lawn or patio outside the History Center at Pikes Peak and 24th.
       But since school started, Cervone has noticed a drop-off in trade; plus, some of the crafters will be departing soon for Oktoberfest-related fairs elsewhere on Saturdays. Thus, the timing is right to shut down.
       Cervone, an OCCHS volunteer herself, said she thinks the group will want to sponsor the fair again next June, and several crafters seem willing to come back.
       The OCCHS worked out the fair-on-the-lawn idea after deciding it had become too expensive to rent nearby Bancroft Park.

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