A good eatery for the Roundhouse
       In a previous edition of the Westside Pioneer, you had an article which mentioned that there was no tenant in part of the old Midland Terminal (“Restaurant on Round- house radar,” in April 15 “Biz Buzz” column).
       Why not a Golden Corral restaurant there?
       We on the Westside really miss Western Sizzlin', and it always seemed to be busy.
       I always hear the excuse, and believe me it is a weenie excuse, that “we're following the rooftops.” The last time I looked, my rooftop was still there!
       Come on Golden Corral, how about coming over to the Westside.
       There could be a decor that would fit the Midland Terminal -- enlarged, photo reproductions of the terminal in its heyday. What a history lesson for tourists and local alike. Plus, I'll bet you would find that it is worth the expense of setting up there, because we Westsiders support our local businesses.

Nancy Orner