Rock Ledge, Westside CC have stakes in 2011 city budget

       Citizens can comment on the 2011 City of Colorado Springs budget in person, by phone or on-line at an “E-Town Hall” Thursday, Oct. 28.
       The City Council meeting will take comments at City Hall from 7 to 9 p.m.
       The starting point will be a preliminary budget that was released about two weeks ago. By the 28th, council members will already have taken two cracks at the spending plan at work sessions scheduled Oct. 21 and 22, both at 1 p.m.
       On the Westside, the proposed budget would directly impact the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, which would receive no funding in 2011 (after having been subsidized for the first quarter of this year), and the Westside Community Center, which would be in line for $75,000 (as would the other three city community centers).
       Ron Wright, president of the Rock Ledge Living History Association (LHA), has expressed disappointment at Rock Ledge being unfunded and pledged to seek council support (see Oct. 14 Westside Pioneer). On the other hand, center director Dick Siever enjoyed his news. “It would really be wonderful,” he said. “We could certainly use the additional income. But we have to remember this is a preliminary budget, and there's still plenty of time for public input and council discussion. We'll just need to wait for final determination.”
       In another budget matter of interest to the Westside, the city plans to manage neighborhood parks the same way as last year, with only 13 of the 141 parks (just Bancroft on the Westside) fully maintained and watered. On the plus side, unlike this year, the 128 other parks would get mowed regularly.
       Aided by a slight increase in sales tax income, the overall budget would be $222,476,000, up from the current year's $212,236,374 but below 2009's $273,768,709.
       The “e-town hall” e-mail address is etownhall@ The meeting will be telecast on Comcast Channel 18. The meeting will be at City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave. For more information, call 385-5852.

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