Sustainability: Focus should be on prosperity
       PPACG's plan to provide a sustainable future is indeed a nightmare, resulting in more government control and less freedom. [See “Sustainability plan? Dream or Nightmare” in Nov. 24 Westside Pioneer.]
       Sustainable energy isn't realistic. How much energy does it take to run a wind farm and how much power does it give? At what cost?
       Is our investment a result of sound science and proven technology or because it “feels good”?
       Instead, let the free market reign. Colorado is rich in resources that could “sustain” us for years. This combined with minimal government interference will create prosperity and higher tax revenue.
       My family has barely sustained our existence over the last couple years. We've experienced much financial hardship as a result of socialistic government policies.
       To me, therefore, handing over more control to the local government is a nightmare. It will mean higher utilities, which we can hardly pay now. And what business does the government have telling me about driving, eating, and landscaping? What happened to my God-given right of the PURSUIT of life, liberty, and happiness?
       I chose to live on the Westside because it reminded me of my grandparents, who came from pioneer stock and where they lived in Wyoming.
       Since my move, the Westside has gone downhill. Is “sustainability” what the pioneers of Colorado Springs had in mind? No, they worked hard for growth and prosperity. They had fewer laws and more freedom, creating a productive society.
       I work hard pioneering a future for my family as an entrepreneur, not so I can provide my son a sustainable future, but so he can experience prosperity.
       Years ago, after Romania's revolution, I traveled there. I witnessed people who longed for freedom after years of oppression, despair and poverty .
       We are sliding toward more poverty, oppression, and ultimately more despair with utopian ideas like a “sustainable” future.
       Growth and prosperity bring real hope, based on tried and true principles as espoused by Reagan, my second hero after Christ. Yes I am a conservative. If that means I am a voice of dissent fighting for freedom so our son can experience the American dream, then so be it.
       But I don't want to face a nightmare of a city in so much control. Reagan once said America was a great nation shining like a city on a hill. Colorado Springs can barely keep the lights on now. With this new plan, we won't even be allowed to HAVE lights or it will cost a fortune to run them!
       I don't want this nightmare to be a reality. I want prosperity for all. Maybe that's a pipe dream, but one I will keep fighting for until I can't sustain another breath!

Dana Beasley