Westside CSAPs: Only one score in 90s this year

       With just one score in the 90s by any Westside school (Howbert Elementary), local results in last spring's Colorado Student Assess-ment Program (CSAP) testing of grades 3-10 were a little less impressive than in recent years.
       Howbert had landed a perfect 100 percent in fifth-grade math, plus four scores in the 90s, in leading Westside achievement last year (and had six in the 90s the year before that). This year, the school was still the best on the Westside, topped by its 94 in fifth-grade reading. The scores in the 80s were in third-grade math (89), third-grade reading (86), fifth-grade math (87) and fifth-grade writing (85).
       At the middle-school level, Holmes showed its most strength in reading, recording all three of its scores in the 80s in that category: sixth grade (89), seventh grade (84) and eighth grade (81).
       Other Westside elementaries with CSAPs in the 80s were Buena Vista in third-grade reading (85) and fifth-grade reading (82); Jackson in third-grade math (86) and third-grade reading (80); and Bristol in fifth-grade reading (85).
       The numbers reflect the percentage of test scores by sstudents in grades 3-10 who earned either Proficient or Advanced scores in specific subject categories on the CSAPs, which theoretically means they understood their basic grade-level curriculum. The categories are math, reading and writing (also science in grades 5, 8 and 10). According to District 11 officials, scores of Unsatisfactory or Partly Proficient do not of themselves result in those students being held back a year.
       Both Holmes and Howbert have been honored in the past as “John Irwin” schools for scoring in the state's top 8 percent.
       Last year's Westside CSAP impact was particularly aided by two 100s from Pike Elementary, which had separately been honored as the top Title 1 school in the state. However, Pike was closed as part of District 11's budget-pressured consolidation plan after the 2008-2009 school year, with about two-thirds of its students going to Jackson and the remainder to Bristol.
       The highest CSAP scores this year by other Westside schools were Coronado High (76 in ninth-grade reading), Midland Elementary (72 in fifth-grade reading), West Elementary (69 in fifth-grade reading), West Middle School (67 in seventh-grade reading), and Bijou (alternative high school) (52 in 10th-grade reading).

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