Out of 36 dispensary applications, 29 now in business on Westside

       When Colorado Springs City Council set a June 30 deadline for businesses wanting to operate - or to keep operating - medical marijuana dispensaries, 172 applications for that purpose were submitted (at a cost of $500 each) before the cut-off.
       Of those, 36 had Westside addresses. Today, all but seven of them are in business, based on exterior reviews by the Westside Pioneer in the past week. Of the seven not open, two intend to be, according to their signs; and five either never opened or have since closed.
       The Pioneer review also factored in a proposal earlier this year by the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) - that dispensaries should not be less than 500 feet from homes, churches and schools. Of the 29 now open on the Westside, only 10 fulfill that criteria.
       Of the 19 dispensaries that don't, all are clearly less than 100 feet from nearby houses, and 9 are next door to them.
       The Pioneer review did not check on the status of manufacturing or grow locations that also required applications by July 1.
       For a site-by-site listing, see the table on this page.
       Note: In the July 22 Westside Pioneer that included a listing of all the names and addresses listed on applications to the city to establish Westside dispensaries, it was stated there were 38 such businesses on the Westside, not 36. These resulted from the following:
  • a grow site that city records had incorrectly listed as a dispensary.
  • a dispensary that the Pioneer mistakenly listed twice.
  • a dispensary that the Pioneer mistakenly did not list.
  • An address (426 W. Fillmore) which turned out to be east of I-25.
           These fixes have been or will be made in the Pioneer website's archives.

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