Hwy 24 weeds: ‘What you see is how they’re going to be’

       For cars going west along Highway 24 now, the weeds are so tall that from certain angles they almost block the view of the “Old Colorado City” sign at 26th Street.

Tall, close-together weeds obscure the view of the Old Colorado City sign looking west along the side of Highway 24 in a photo taken this week. City Parks says it has no funding to mow them this year.
Westside Pioneer photo

       But don't expect them to be mowed soon - there, or anywhere else on either side of the highway west of I-25.
       According to Kurt Schroeder, Colorado Springs Parks manager, the city has no money budgeted for that purpose this year, as part of major slashes to the 2010 Parks budget. "For now, what you see is how they're going to be," he said.
       On the optimistic side, City Council has directed the city manager to report on what it would cost to resume the mowing next year. So "it will be considered for the 2011 budget process," Schroeder said.
       Under a state statute, the city has cleanup responsibility for state highways within city limits. In past years, this led City Parks crews to mow the sides and medians of such roads three to four times a year. As for Highway 24 through the Westside, "because it's a major entryway, we always shot for four," Schroeder said.
       Road medians throughout the city are getting some attention this year. That work also had been unfunded for 2010, but City Council funded a one-time median cleanup by using money that would have been paid to two Parks administrators who resigned, according to previously provided information from Schroeder.

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