Lee extends Democrats’ hold on D-18 Statehouse seat

       Going against a state and nationwide Republican tide, Democrat Pete Lee defeated Karen Cullen for the District 18 Statehouse seat in the Nov. 2 election.
       The district includes the southern part of the Westside.
       Lee's 55-45 percent victory keeps the seat for the Democrats.
       If incumbent District 11 State Sen. John Morse's apparent narrow victory over challenger Owen Hill - final returns showed him winning by just 252 votes - is validated, the Democrats would continue to have one representative and one state senator from El Paso County in the Statehouse. The district includes many of the same precincts that are in D-18.
       Michael Merrifield, who had served 8 years as the Democrats' D-18 state rep, was term-limited and thus has to step down at the end of 2010. (This election, the former Manitou Springs resident ran unsuccessfully for the District 5 county commissioner seat, losing to Peggy Littleton.)
       In another state race affecting the Westside, Republican Bob Gardner easily won a third term as District 21 state representative over Democrat Jonathan Dooley (71- 29 percent). District 21 covers mainly the northern part of the Westside.
       Here are three city ballot issues that are likely to affect the Westside:
  • 2B (TABOR override for up to $600,000 this year) won.
  • 2C (15 percent of the Trails, Open Space and Parks tax diverted for City Parks use) won.
  • 300 (strong mayor) won.

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