Heads up!
2 Regional Building safety concerns

       Terry Brunette, a Westside resident and special investigator for the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, has provided information on two home-improvement topics for residents of the Westside.
       1 - Lead-based paint regulations - The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set up new requirements that contractors painting inside or outside pre- 1978 homes, schools or daycare centers must be “lead-safe certified” or face fines as high as $34,000. However, homeowners doing the work themselves do not need that certification. To check for lead in existing paint, a test can be arranged through Regional Building at 327-2884. There is a fee.
       2 - Ventilation - If the FLUE CAP is replaced or the gas appliances' ventilation pipes are are not connected properly, hazardous gases may wind up staying in the home. Check with your contractor, especially after a reroofing project, or contact a licensed heating contractor. It is also recommended that a carbon monoxide detector be purchased and installed.

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