Whittier gathering part of 60-year CSHS reunion

       Registration has just begun for the 60th reunion activity of the Colorado Springs High School Class of 1950, which will take place Sept. 10-12 and include a reunion of Whittier Elementary students from that era.
       According to one of the organizers, Dr. Kenneth Goldsberry of Fort Collins, registration will continue through Aug. 15.
       The Whittier get-together will involve a gathering at the school (now the home of the Bijou alternative high school), followed by lunch. Many of the Whittier alumni were traced from a fourth-grade picture that a former student had.
       “The people attending the Whittier School activity on the morning of the 10th are some of the “prime” classmates from the Westside,” Goldsberry writes in an e-mail. “At the present time we expect about 15 to 20 in attendance… Three local former “Westsiders,” Joan (Sispela) Gordon, Bessie (Moore) Radspinner and Betty (Butler) Rapjack will be coordinating the Whittier program… Yes, we are some of the old fogies' who still appreciate the rich history of Colorado Springs.”
       Goldsberry, a Whittier alumnus himself, shared some personal recollections: “I started working when I was 11. My first paying job was for Mrs. Hobbs, the wife of the Hobbs Cafe owner in Old Town. I dug dandelions and took care of the grass. That led to a job in the café… When I was 12, I took over an evening paper route from 29th to Adams Crossing and had it for several years.”
       A related recollection is of folding newspapers at Fire Station 5. “Memories of many of the firemen flood my mind with the mention of the station,” Goldsberry writes. “That is a series in itself ! By the way... the one picture I have been trying to locate is of the scrap piles created at each of the grade schools during the war. Everyone brought things to put on the scrap pile... old cars, stuff from home... I have only found one picture of a truck taking the last load from Whittier! Have you learned of any pictures?? That would be a neat, memory story. Several of the people worked and/or played at the Golden Cycle mill in the 1940s-'50s.”
       For more information Goldsberry can be contacted by phone at 970-663-6698 or by e-mail at goldsdlf@lamar.colostate.edu.

Westside Pioneer/press release