EDITORíS DESK: No fiddling allowed... except bluegrass

       Fiddles, Vittles and Vino. The name just kind of rolls off the tongue. So began my commercial for Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site's annual event, which went on to note that the tongue was too busy tasting all the food and beverages for name-rolling of any kind. Just kidding. But I can't deny a certain bias for the one-day festival. All the senses get a treat - eyes, the pastoral ranch property; ears, the whalin' bluegrass music; smells, the freshly cooked food; and taste, already covered that. I forgot touch. Well, if the sensation of a fatter wallet outweighs all the above, then of course that's an individual decision. But I really do hope that "Fiddles" gets a nice, warm, dry day July 25, not just because it's more fun for those attending, but (as discussed in the article this issue) such weather will attract more ticket-buyers and thus enhance the fundraising proceeds for the ranch. Nor is this some type of la-de-da, we-could-always-use-the-help type of fundraising. With the city having all but abandoned the place to balance its budget this year, Rock Ledge has been forced to rely more than ever on volunteers and donations. And thousands more dollars are needed to keep the place open another year.
       As for weather, Fiddles would certainly seem to be due for better luck. Two years ago, tornado warnings undoubtedly scared some people away, and last year the rain started pelting down at practically the exact moment the gates opened. And this was after changing the event date from August to July!
       It's good to see Coronado High School baseball commemorating the legacy of super-booster Tom Rogers. I was only a slight acquaintance of the late Westside resident and Manitou entrepreneur, but it's easy to see, in talking to those who knew him well, that he was one of the rare folks who saw how he could make a difference... and then did.

- K.J.