EDITOR’S DESK: Preserving the Entryway – yay!

       This has been a bad year for the city budget, but a noble year for citizens. The latest example of people stepping up for their community is at the 21st Street Entryway/Prospector statue site next to Highway 24. It's true that indirect financial incentives exist for the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District and Historic District Merchants of Old Colorado City in preserving one of the two main highway access points to the Westside's showcase shopping area. But there's also an undeniable element of civic pride. If an "entryway" looks raggedy, passing motorists may assume that the place behind it is raggedy also - which would be too bad in Old Colorado City's case, because the area has never looked so good, with its plethora of flowers, well-kept stores and - courtesy of the Maintenance District - clean sidewalks, tidy landscaping, historic ore carts and attractive new stone signs at 24th and 27th streets. So kudos to the volunteers from both the above entities, who took time out of their lives on a hot summer morning to fix up the 21st Street Entryway because City Parks no longer can afford to. In the case of the Maintenance District board, money is also involved, because adopting the Entryway could mean hiring contractors for weed control, mowing or other ongoing upkeep. (Incidentally the district's taxes are not collected from everyday citizens, only from the property owners in Old Colorado City.)
       Another positive side to the situation is the city's obvious willingness to respond to the community. With people all over town helping care for the parks - even adopting trash cans! - Parks officials looked for innovative ways to scrounge up money so the parks could be watered again.
       Of course, there's always more to do. How about the weeds around the "Old Colorado City" sign at the other entryway, off 26th Street? Is any group willing to take on that chore?

- K.J.