Closures of northbound 31st Street to start Nov. 1 for Utilities sewer project

       Starting Nov. 1, Colorado Springs Utilities crews will close the north side of 31st Street as part of a sewer-line replacement project that will last over a month.
       The overall affected area will be from Colorado Avenue to Platte Avenue; however, the work will be done a portion at a time (starting from the avenue and going north), so the whole segment won't be closed at once, according to Dave Grossman of Utilities.
       Where the work is occurring, northbound vehicles will be diverted to what's normally the southbound side of 31st. Traffic will be allowed in both directions, but “it might be kind of narrow,” he said, and on-street parking will be temporarily disallowed.
       “We encourage drivers to use 30th Street as much as they can,” Grossman said.
       Additional work in the project will be on nearby residential side streets: Platte Avenue between 31st and Pleasant streets, Pleasant between Platte and St. Vrain Street, and Uintah Street between Pleasant and 30th.
       The work on 31st is expected to be completed by the end of November, allowing it to reopen to normal traffic at that time. If Utilities can get a second crew on the job - and “there is a good chance” of that, Grossman said - then the side-street work could occur simultaneously. Otherwise, the work there would follow that on 31st, he said.
       “We are replacing failing infrastructure that dates back to the late 1940s and early 1950s,” Grossman explained. “The 8-inch clay pipe under 31st Street is being replaced with 15-inch PVC pipe.”
       Work hours will normally be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays. “Adverse weather conditions during the week may force some work to be done on Saturdays,” he said.
       He emphasized that Utilities will try to minimize the impacts on drivers as much as possible. The scheduled timing of the project is part of that. It's between heavier traffic periods (summer and Christmas season). And, temperatures are cooler in the fall, meaning windows in houses are typically closed, so the construction noises won't be as loud to the residents in the area, Grossman said.

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