EDITOR’S DESK: Too late to decide if patience a virtue?

       Old Colorado City businesswoman Rebecca Berg was wearing a funny button this week. It says “Patience is a waste of time.”
       Westsiders who tried to bring the safety of traffic calming to the 17th Street neighborhood (10 years ago) and the Broadway Street neighborhood (7 years ago) might relate to that. After their proposals were approved by the city in 2005, they waited patiently for the city to slog through the engineering, paperwork, meetings and other bureaucratic stepping stones necessary for a finished project. And what did that patience bring them? A postcard in the mail last week explaining that the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) had been eliminated because of the city's financial plight.
       Another candidate for Berg's button might be the Organization of Westside Neighbors' historic overlay advocates, who launched that effort seven years ago. Yes, the "Historic Westside Design Guidelines" book is now in existence - a useful tool for remodels or even new construction (and don't forget the three public meetings on it, the first one Wednesday, Jan. 27 at 6 p.m. at the Westside Community Center). But the overlay itself seems to be an endangered species as the city and OWN try to figure out a bare-bones way for 2,000 or so property owners to become eligible for tax-credits when upgrading their historic homes.
       The people with all the time in the world are in those tents by Fountain and Monument creeks. Interesting to read the differing Police and Fire takes on servicing the campers. The PD sees up-front as well as hidden costs; the FD sees barely any costs at all. Answers may emerge at the Jan. 25 City Council meeting. I can't wait.

- K.J.