Case solved by bottle that broke on employee’s head

       A robber broke a bottle over a Bob's Liquor Store worker's head about two and a half years ago, but Do Kyoung Choi can take some solace that it helped the El Paso County Sheriff's Office solve the crime.
       According to a Sheriff's Office press release, Choi chased after a shopper who ran out with two unpurchased bottles June 12, 2007. “The suspect took one of the bottles... and hit Mr. Choi in the head... causing it to break,” the release states. “ The investigation revealed, when the bottle broke, it cut the suspect's face and therefore left blood at the scene. The victim had blood from the suspect on his clothing which was submitted for DNA testing.”
       This month, after testing produced a DNA match, the suspect was identified as Marvin Leclaire, 22, who is in custody at the Criminal Justice Center on several other felonies including other unrelated robbery charges. Leclaire has now been charged with aggravated robbery, second-degree assault, and felony menacing in the Bob's Liquor incident, the press release states.

From a press release