City cleans up medians; Camp Creek to be mowed

       Beginning this week, all city-owned medians, including the concrete and grass ones on the Westside's Centennial Boulevard, are being weeded and/or mowed by City Parks.

The Camp Creek ditch's summer weed crop is due for mowing in September, according to the city. Photo looks north, toward the intersection of 31st and Fontanero streets. The work is scheduled by the Street Division, while City Parks is the one mowing and weeding street medians.
Westside Pioneer photo

       According to city spokesperson Julie Smith, “it will take four to six weeks to get to all of the medians around the city,” she said.
       Separate from that work, the Camp Creek ditch (between the two sides of 31st Street in Pleasant Valley) will be addressed by the City Street Division within the “next two to three weeks,” Smith said, noting that crews will “mow the ditch bottom and side slopes.”
       In all, the city has about 67 acres of natural grass medians. City Parks has hired a contractor to mow them. Supervised work crews with the El Paso County Sheriff's Gateway Through the Rockies program, which gives inmates the opportunity to voluntarily participate in work experience programs, will remove the weeds on the approximately 59 acres of hardscape (asphalt or concrete) medians, Smith said.
       Regular maintenance of the medians has been deferred this year because of cuts in the City Parks budget. According to Smith, the current work is “a one-time effort and medians will be reevaluated later in the season. The cost is being covered by the projected unspent portion of the 2010 budget.”
       Streets was also cut back this year. According to Pleasant Valley resident Jim Corcoran, his wife Carol had called Streets about Camp Creek's weeds earlier this summer, but the answer then was that it was “at the bottom of the list.”

Westside Pioneer/press release