Utilities projects upgrading Westside lines

       Three continuing Colorado Springs Utilities projects have been affecting traffic recently.

Workers have needed to dig deep into 24th Street, just north of Uintah Street for a water-line replacement project that started about two weeks ago and is expected to last through October.
Westside Pioneer photo
  • Uintah Street between 24th and 22nd streets - water-line replacements. The project is expected to last through the month. Uintah remains open to traffic, but is narrowed and pushed to the south side of the street.
  • 29th Street between Kiowa and Bijou streets and 24th Street between Pikes Peak Avenue and Kiowa - upgrade of wastewater lines. Both of these blocks have been closed to traffic, but work could wrap up this week.
           According to Dave Grossman of Colorado Springs Utilities, a major upcoming maintenance project will involve a wastewater line on the northbound side of 31st Street. A similar project two years ago was on 31st's south side.
           Utilities is a public enterprise, owned by the City of Colorado Springs.

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