Bridge project to continue into May

       A maintenance project on the Colorado Avenue bridge is expected to continue until about May 7.

Looking west on Colorado Avenue (east of the I-25 overpass), the sealant/aggregate work on the eastbound lanes (left) of the avenue's 12-year-old bridge can be seen. Traffic has reduced to one lane each way to make room for the project. A similar treatment is planned to the westbound lanes through May 7.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The work, which is sealing cracks on the 12-year-old span just east of I-25, has been narrowing traffic to one lane in each direction since it started April 24. The eastbound lanes were done first, and the westbound lanes still need to be done, explained Dan Krueger, a city senior civil engineer.
       He said the new, darker appearance on completed eastbound sections is the result of a fine-rock aggregate material being placed over an epoxy that was put down after those lanes were initially cleaned and sanded. A similar treatment is planned for the westbound lanes.
       “The intent is to seal things up so the bridge will last as long or longer than planned [50 years],” Krueger said. “We had noticed more cracking than normal on the bridge deck as a result of water running into the cracks, freezing and thawing. The epoxy acts as a glue for the rocks and seals up the cracks.”
       The bridge had been predicted for completion by the end of this week, but Krueuger said the work crews are new at this kind of work, and some aspects have taken longer than expected.
       The project is funded by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.

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