Supports OCC Halloween tradition
       I am the owner of All That Glitters in Old Colorado City and we were one of the merchants who was closed during the Safe Treats Event. We were closed because it landed on a Sunday and for no other reason.
       I would also add that my store buys tons of candy for this event because we happen to love children and want them to have a safe evening of fun. This year was no exception. We participated in the purchase of candy and ours was given to the children by people who donated their time. These volunteers were coordinated by the organizers of the event, namely Kasten Accounting. The girls at Kasten put in untold hours getting donations for the children and are doing a fine job.
       It was overwhelming and frankly a little embarrassing last year when some merchants ran out of candy. There was no way to plan ahead for the throngs of people who came. You can't blame the merchants. For the most part, the parents say “thank you,” but there are also the ones who are using profanity and pushing in front of other people, not to mention the people who came round several times.
       We as merchants are pleased to do our part to make Old Colorado City a place for families to come together to shop, play and just have fun. Hopefully we can continue the tradition.

Cretee Nemmer