$ better than ‘fair’ for new OCCHS event

       An art/crafters' fair outside the Old Colorado City History Center on Saturdays during the Farmers' Market seems to be working out well for all concerned. The fair, which started June 19, currently features five crafters who set up on the grass at the north end of the History Center, 1 S. 24th St., adjacent to the outdoor market along 24th between Pikes Peak and Colorado Avenues.

In a new plan that's proving successful for the Old Colorado City Historical Society, crafters are setting up on the grass at the north side of the non-profit's History Center, 1 S. 24th St., on Saturdays during the Farmers' Market. The white tent in the background is part of the market along 24th Street.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS), a volunteer non-profit organization that owns and operates the History Center, hopes to fundraise at least $1,000 from the Saturday events through Aug. 29, but grossed almost half that from just the first two events in June, according to OCCHS organizer Jo Cervone. Past OCCHS President Joanne Karlson added that a side benefit has been “a jump in visitors to the museum” inside the center.
       The crafters had thought it might take a while to get noticed in such a new location, but they are already seeing a “nice flow through there,” according to jewelry crafter Helen Ivey.
       Frank Schmidt, president of the Pikes Peak Farmers' Market non-profit organization, sees the piggyback sales activity as beneficial to both entities. The Bancroft location, which will continue on Saturdays through Oct. 29, perennially does the best business among the three markets that his group puts on in Colorado Springs and that has not changed this year, he said.
       For the previous five years, the OCCHS had rented the park from the City Parks Department once a year for a larger-scale arts and crafts fair, but decided against it this year based on increased park costs that limited fundraising effectiveness.

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