EDITORíS DESK: Bring on the faeries

       It's good to see Charlie Cagiao back on the Westside. He's been off on other projects since promoting the memorable - admittedly, not all in a favorable way - concert with Jefferson Starship on Colorado Avenue back in 2006. As can be seen on Page 1 , his latest project is a fairy, oops, I mean faerie festival in Vermijo Park. It should be fun, with the various activities that will be going on; plus, I'm expecting to see plenty of folk in amazing costumes. Often you hear people say they wish modern times had more of the amiable style of the '60s and '70s; well, Charlie goes out and tries to bottle it.
       Some other neat stuff is coming up. Founders' Day... the Good Times Car Show... Shakespeare at Rock Ledge Ranch. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: We are fortunate here on the Westside. We may not be the richest part of town, but we have the best natural setting, and that just has a way of tipping the scales toward enjoyable possibilities.
       I do need to take a moment here to point out a matter that is not so enjoyable, and that is our continuing problem with the Post Office that's adversely impacting our subscribers far too frequently. You would think that, losing money and all, the big federal monopoly would want to encourage businesses that use its service. Instead, here's what happens: a postal delivery person - maybe because he/she is a substitute who's new to Colorado Springs or maybe because he/she got something in his/her eye - will miss a clearly marked address for one of our subscribers and thus fail to deliver their Westside Pioneer. But the fun doesn't stop there. Having decided that the piece of mail was "undeliverable," the Post Office proceeds to charge the Pioneer 50 cents every time this happens. We can either shrug and pay it or take the time to stand in line at the West End station so we can argue it to a clerk and maybe have the charge forgiven and possibly even get a "we're sorry." At least till next time. Ah, yes. Another reason to look forward to the faeries.

- K.J.