‘Remarkable’ Garden trail repairs
       I wanted to make you aware of some work that has been done by a couple of Friends of Garden of the Gods (FOGG) members in hiking trail repair, maintenance and social trail eradication in the Garden of the Gods. The effort has been led by Gayle Allen, and she recruited Rich Jarvinen as crew leader. They only had a few other folks help them from time to time. All work was coordinated through Scott Abbott, regional parks manager for the City of Colorado Springs. Gayle has done some remarkable work, as you can see by the photos [two of which are shown on this page].
       In this era of little, if any, city funding, I think their work - and the support of Scott and his people in providing supplies the city already had on hand (no new money expenditure, from what I understand) - deserves commendation and recognition. FOGG's only involvement was to pay for tools, gloves, etc. that Gayle and Rich needed. We have also agreed to pay for tool, saws, gloves, etc. for the work day they are planning for next Saturday, Aug. 28, as well as to get an e-mail blast to our members and volunteers. Otherwise, everything that was done was their show.

John Demmon
President, Friends of
Garden of the Gods