Hwy 24 EA meeting may not be scheduled until fall

       A public meeting on the draft environmental assessment (EA) for the Highway 24 expansion will now be scheduled in “very late summer or early fall,” according to project spokesperson Kyle Blakely.
       The time frame is roughly two years later than was announced in 2007, but is a reflection of technical care, he said. “It's just that the process is going slower than we thought,” he said. “It's not that we're running into anything that would change anything.”
       If the draft EA does not uncover major issues, it will be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration for approval.
       The project area is between I-25 and Ridge Road. There is at this time no funding or timetable for construction.
       Public discussions began in 2004 on the expansion plans, which include three-laning west to Ridge and building an interchange at Eighth Street and an overpass at Ridge.

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