Writing honors for 9 Westside students

       Nine Westside students took awards in the recent Betty Field Memorial Youth Writing Contest judged by the Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District board members, with support from the PTA.
       The nine Westside placers were:
       11th and 12th grade - first, Kendra Stautz, Coronado, “Are You My Mother?”; second, Adrian Brown, Coronado, “Racing.”
       9th and 10th grade - second, Allegra McComb, Coronado, “Nilknarf's Enrique.”
       8th grade - first, Rylee Ramsey, Holmes, “The Hands of the Sky”; second, Tessa Konik, Holmes, “Careless Meets Homeless.”
       7th grade - first, Kaitlyn K. Enright, Holmes, “From the Case Files of Kerrigan Croft”; third, Elinor Johannah Kuykendall, “A Message from the Past.”
       6th grade - first, Kyle Patrick Smith, Holmes, ”Vegetable or Fruit?”; third, Geetika Maddirala, Holmes, “January 12th, 2010.”

From a press release