What are we all doing, post-2C?
       Calling the 33,000 of you who voted for 2C!
       You voted to have your taxes increase by a couple hundred dollars on average, which was a display of your willingness to financially support our city. I assume that since you were willing last November, you are willing now. Question: To which organization have you subsequently written your $200 check?
       Calling the 66,000 of you who voted against 2C!
       You voted against the city's mill levy increase, citing chiefly mis-management of funds as the reason. At least 65,999 Colorado Springs residents agreed with you. Question: Which non-profit organization do you feel does a great job managing its funds? El Pomar Foundation? Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site? Friends of Red Rock Canyon? Goats instead of chemicals to control noxious weeds? Have you gone ahead and written a check to reward them for their fiscal responsibility?
       Calling the 300,000 of you who chose not to vote at all!
       Hey, I'm not writing to beat you up for not voting on this issue, just reminding you that you still have a chance to vote with your wallet. It's not too late to pick a cause about which you feel passionate and write that check.
       Calling those who don't have a check book!
       The Pioneer has printed numerous articles calling for volunteer action, no checkbook required. These organizations would love to have your time and talents if you aren't able to contribute financially.
       Calling the person in the mirror!
       Yes, that's me. I hadn't written my checks either, until today. I caught up on my Pioneer reading, and picked 3 causes for which my heart aches. Hyperbole? Maybe. Checks in the mail? Absolutely.

Stormie Wells