Coronado principal chosen from within
David Engstrom ‘happy, honored and humbled’; he’d served on Humphrey’s staff for past 5 years

       David Engstrom, who has been an assistant principal at Coronado High for the past five years, has been named the school's new principal, starting July 1.

David Engstrom

       He will replace Susan Humphrey, who is retiring after this school year. The final selection was made by District 11 Super-intendent Dr. Nicholas Gledich. A total of 45 people applied for the position. The final interviewing process included Coronado staff, parents and students.
       “I'm happy, honored and humbled,” Engstrom said this week. “I'm so delighted and looking forward to the opportunity.”
       It wasn't just being named a principal that pleased the former business owner-turned-educator. It was the school itself, which he compares to “home.” “At the first homecoming I experienced here, when I saw the community support for Coronado, I said to myself, 'I don't ever want to leave this place,'” Engstrom said.
       He has nothing but praise for Humphrey, who had led Coronado for the past seven years. “She's a tough act to follow,” he laughed. “I'm so appreciative of having been able to study under her for five years. It's a ringing endorsement of her administration that the superintendent said we don't need to bring someone from the outside to overhaul the school.”
       Still, he's set some goals to shoot for. These include ensuring that the school stays up with technological changes, working to enhance efforts toward “differentiated instruction” (in which students are dealt with on levels of how they learn and even what cultures they come from) and finding ways to get more students involved in clubs and organizations (based on studies showing that students who put in 15 to 20 hours of extracurricular activity a week typically earn better grades).
       Engstrom's career with District 11 started in 2001 at Wasson High School as a business education teacher. He moved from there to Coronado as an assistant principal in 2005.

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