Respect Pleasant Valley gateway
       Over a period of years some of us in Pleasant Vallley were able to turn an ugly piece of asphalt in the middle of 31st Street into a nice garden. It took a lot of effort to get the financing and a lot of people to put the rock edging and plant the plants, plus time and money to get the gateway rock. Since that time we have replaced dead plants, weeded and picked up trash and cigarette butts.
       My point is this was not intended to be an ashtray for those too lazy to use theirs or have a trash bag in their car. This was particularly irrating when a jerk threw a juice can almost at my feet this morning, July 10, as I was putting our usual collection of trash in the trunk of my car. I realize some of this may be from tourists, but the bulk of the cigarette butts are on the west side of 31st, indicating to me that it is locals leaving a non-smoking area and heading home. My wife and I spend an hour or so every week trying to keep this nice and resent inconsiderate users of the street.

James F. Corcoran