New District 11 Westside educators listed

       The following lists each school, address, principal (in parentheses), phone number and new educational staff.
       Bristol - 890 N. Walnut St. (Manuel Ramsey), 328-4000... Wes Anderson, orchestra (partial); Judy Curtis, art; Jeannette Ingram, fifth; Zsuzsanna Przyzycki, Suzuki; Kenneth Shane, band; Heather Wilson, third; Marni Zabel, fifth.
       NOTES: Przyzycki, a long-time Colorado Springs Philharmonic violinist, re-places previous Suzuki teacher (and Philharmonic concertmaster) Michael Han-son) this year. He is is part of the Philharmonic's director-search committee. Shane is the retired Holmes Middle School band teacher.
       Buena Vista Montessori - 924 Pikes Peak Ave. (David Brilliant), 328-4100... Natalie Sardi, LRT; Marissa Tiroly, lower elementary; Lourdes Brock, primary/early years.
       NOTE: Sardi had been the lower elementary teacher; Brock had been a staff aide.
       Howbert - 1023 N. 31st St. (Gail Smartt), 328-4200... Holly Haycraft, literary resource teacher (LRT) (she had previously been a fifth-grade teacher at Howbert); Karen Bunsen, English Language Learning (ELL) teacher; Allen Bala, special education (SPED) teacher.
       Jackson - 4340 Edwinstowe Ave. (Anne Dancy), 328-5800... Carolyn Graham, first; Kathleen O'Sullivan, fourth; Karinna Kerth, ELL teacher; Dick Detwiler, SPED teacher; Nancy Henderlong, preschool.
       Midland - 2110 W. Broadway St. (Jeremy Cramer), 328-4500... Cramer, principal; Tani Bifano, fifth; Suzanne Estrada, fourth; Wes Anderson, orchestra (partial); Kate Myers, band (partial).
       West - 25 N. 20th St. (Terry Martinez), 328-4900... Ayana Claybrooks, second/third EAGLES; Rochelle Mason, third; Anne Yenne, fourth; Grant Ambroz, physical education (PE).
       Holmes - 2455 Mesa Rd. (Rob Utter), 328-3800…Kristin Abernethy, seventh - language arts; Mary Brennan seventh - math/science; Tiffany Bryant, sixth - math/science; Candy Hahn, choir; Mary Rizzo, educational assistant; Elisabeth Storrud, sixth - math/science.
       West - West Middle, 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (Clay Gomez), 328-3900... Karen Newton - student dean/math coach; Lanette Scott - seventh grade math; Michael Champlin - seventh grade science; Donna Marble - SAIL science; Reginald Haas, eighth - math; Lisa Chantiny, sixth - math; Katie Flemate, counselor/coordinator.
       NOTES: Newton was assistant principal at Timberview Middle School. Scott, Champlin and Flemate have previously been at Coronado High.
       Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning (AACL), 2510 N. Chestnut St. (Nikki Myers), 434-6566… (NOTE: Because this is AACL's first year, all its educational staff members are listed here.) Nikki Myers, director; Sherrie Horn, Division V; Dr. Stacy Olitsky, Division IV; Dr. Constance Ricotta, Division III; Teresa Brown, Division III: Claire Olsen, Division II; Michelle Fein, Division II; Jennifer Thompson, Division I; Linsey McKellip, Division I; Jesse Wilson, music/theater; Oscar Quincy, Spanish; Hellen Dunn, Art; Cindy Helling, SPED.
       Coronado - 1590 W. Fillmore St. (David Engstrom), 328-3600... Engstrom, principal; Sergio de Lourenco, dean of students; Brad Bogard, counselor; Laura Stuckey, English; Mel Johnson, Adam Paulson, social studies; Kevin Youngberg, science; Bruce Nottingham, math; Jenna Barnett, math; Liz Price, family and consumer science; Mark Felix, physical education; Darrell Shafer, Nancy VanGelder, SPED.
       NOTE: Bogard is returning from a leave of absence.
       Bijou - 2904 W. Kiowa St. (Kathryn Presnal), 328-7900… Presnal, principal; Cynthia Nath, English. NOTE: Presnal was the Bijou counselor.
       NOTE: Bijou is in the process of hiring an art teacher.

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