EDITOR’S DESK: When bigger isn’t sweeter

       Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, and Lori Kasten one of the most amiable people I know in Old Colorado City. So why am I sitting here with a furrowed brow over Kasten's well-attended “Safe Treats” event Oct. 31?
       Maybe it's because it was so well-attended. Many event promoters would give their eye teeth to attract 4,000 people to whatever extravaganza they're putting on. But this is getting crazy. There were actually lines in front of each store that was handing out candy, and even with Coronado High volunteers bravely waving the "Stop" paddles Kasten provided them, pedestrians were often wedged into the middle of traffic intersections during light changes. The picture on Page 1 is an example of that. All it would have taken at that point was one unfocused motorist and Safe Treats would have quickly become an unsafe non-treat.
       A Halloween candy giveaway was once just a low-key thing for the Westside. But over time the word spread, and the numbers grew. And grew. It didn't help when the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) business organization, which used to help sponsor Safe Treats, marketed it to the region two years ago. But then the OCCA got into a snit with Kasten Accounting, which used to do the group's accounting, and abandoned the event altogether. Having contributed to the problem, the OCCA ought to (nicely) retake some ownership of it.
       But for now at least, there stands Lori, torn between the joy kids find in the event and the realization that it's much bigger than it should be. How do you unmake something like this? If anyone knows, there's this girl named Pandora who would be interested in the answer too.

- K.J.