EDITORíS DESK: News and Frankensteinís bride

       Irresponsible. Shameless. Lets other people do the work. Leaves messes all over. Oh, you thought I was talking about a transient? No, my complaint is with the Stale Dink weekly publication that the Daily Media Overlord has foisted on the Westside and points east and west. To be perfectly blunt, the Dink has no business being printed at all. Yes, I understand its premise of "citizen journalism" and "electronic democracy" and all that 21st century babble. But such stuff is better left online, where people can eagerly argue unresearched ideas back and forth, present gossip as truth (without all that journalistic aggravation of fact-checking and telling both sides of the story) and, best of all, quickly correct egregious errors. Unfortunately, the Daily Overlord, leaking red in its checkbook, copied some deranged consultant's idea a while back to mate online with print (think Bride of Frankenstein) and voila, now we have this Dink mutation, posing as a neighborhood newspaper. In exchange for free submittals, its tenders ("editors" is too kind a word) bestow the title of "contributor" to anyone willing to submit text and photos without compensation - including professional marketers and savvy shopkeepers who happily use the space for free advertising. But this is not so far from the Daily Overlord itself, which now runs front-page ads and never fact-checks letters before it prints them.
       As might be imagined, the main thing I object to is the way the Dink covers the Westside, in a kind of intermittent, could-care-less sort of way. It has (to date) ignored the wonderful news that Rock Ledge Ranch is staying open. And just this week it allowed a story from a contributor to go through stating that the Westside Center needs to fundraise no more than $110,000 to stay open. The point is, the final decision belongs to the City Parks director, who is sticking with his previous $140,000 estimate. But hey, it's citizen journalism. Let's run with it.
       An ordinance is in the works with the goal of getting transients to shape up. Too bad that's not possible with certain newspaper publishers in this town.

- K.J.