Cemetery Watch effort includes Fairview

       With increasing amounts of theft and crime in cemeteries, a new Cemetery Watch program is planned for the city's Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries. According to Ingrid McDonald, a City Police crime prevention officer, “the Cemetery Watch will be set up much like a traditional Neighborhood Watch program, with the exception that the cemetery residents can't report crime and suspicious activities themselves.”
       The watch program asks citizens with friends and families buried in the cemeteries to become involved and look out for instances when flowers, vases, ornaments, pictures or headstones are stolen or vandalized.
       “Unfortunately, many opportunists now target cemeteries as money makers,” said McDonald, of the PD's Stetson Hills station. “They steal items left by gravestones or attached to a stone and place them on EBay, Craig's List, or antique dealers.” Some even pry brass or bronze veteran plates from monuments and send them to scrap dealers, she said.
       Those who witness a crime or suspicious activity should call the police at 444-7000 and then contact cemetery staff at 578-6646.
       “The more eyes and ears we have out there to report suspicious or illegal activity, the better,” McDonald said.

From a press release