Meet a Westsider:
Pam Reilly

Profession/Occupation... I’m the agency owner of Reilly Allstate Insurance.

What I like most about the Westside is... I live where people come to vacation.

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... underground utilities. The transformation in Manitou Springs was amazing. Can you imagine an unobstructed view of our foothills?

A good movie I’ve seen recently is... “Martin Chuzzlewit.” It’s classic Dickens, a six part miniseries. A great case study of human nature.

I'd like to discover... an affordable cure for disease. Everyone worries so much about the cost of health insurance that we are making ourselves sick.

If I could meet someone famous, I’d like to meet... Saint Francis of Assisi. He still inspires peace and love.

The next time I travel, I’m going... if my job allowed it, I would go to Italy, in particular Assisi.

My favorite childhood memory is... Christmas vacation! Sledding in old Monument Park, shopping at Hibbards, listening to Christmas carols, believing in the magic of the season.

My favorite winter pastime is... sledding at night. The stillness of the dark streets, crisp air, brilliant stars and the thrill.

Something good I’ve read is... “Same Kind of Different as Me,” co-written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. The lesson of this biography is that every life has value. We all have something to offer. If people would just stop and listen, it’s amazing what they could learn from everyone.

My pet peeve is... dishonesty. I was taught that every time you are dishonest you give up a piece of your soul. My dad would say, “Would you sell your soul for that...?”

If I didn’t have to work for a year, I would... stay home and spend more time with my grandson.

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