Neighbors get input on 47-acre development

       A neighborhood meeting on the MVS development proposal in the Mesa Springs area will be Monday, Feb. 22 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Hyatt Place, 503 W. Garden of the Gods Road.
       MVS developers will be on hand, as well as Lonna Thelen, the city planner assigned to the project.
       Thelen has recently reviewed the 47-acre proposal, which initially showed homes on 35 acres, at a maximum density of 12 units an acre, and as many as 420 residences.
       Her review includes requests that the developer explain the wish to remove a past condition on the property that another access must be found (other than Van Buren Street) once 200 units are built, and to identify areas on the property that have “hillside characteristics.” (The developer is seeking removal of the hillside overlay from the entire property - because of a need for grading in the area of a long-ago landfill - but the residents have asked to keep the overlay elsewhere).
       The location is south of the Indian Hills Village townhome development, north of Van Buren Street, which was about two-thirds completed before the developer went bankupt two years ago.
       The MVS proposal actually represents a reduction in density from the current zoning for the property, which is 12.6 units an acre, with a maximum density of 602 units, under an ordinance passed in 1983.

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