Westside Briefs:
Six bands to play at Secret Garden Aug. 29

       Six area bluegrass bands are on tap for the Secret Garden's free show Sunday, Aug. 29.
       The music is scheduled to go from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m., with room for performers and attendees under a large tent on Steve Muzzipapa's lushly landscaped 1-acre property at 420 S. 19th St.
       Anthony Maiken, a local musican who has been organizing free live shows once or twice weekly this summer at the Secret Garden - typically with one or two bands - said the hope with the six-band performance is to “make enough from food and bar to pay everyone something. They [the bands] all know we'll be dividing up the profits and were all willing to take a chance. We just hate to charge.”
       The bands are Tenderfoot, Red Dog Road, Sugar Creek, Stolen Thyme, Grass Hat Gals and 2 Hour Delay.
       OWN board change
       The Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN) was able to make a speedy board member replacement at its meeting Aug. 12.
       Board Secretary Travers Jordan, having just bought a house outside the OWN boundaries, pointed out to the board that as a result he would have to resign from the nine-member board.
       Christopher Baum, a retired Navy officer, computer engineer and resident of Crown Hill Mesa since 2009, has been attending OWN meetings this year. At OWN President Welling Clark's request (and after a unanimous board vote), Baum agreed to take over Jordan's position, including secretarial duties. Jordan said he will continue as volunteer webmaster for the OWN website.
       Elected in January 2008, Jordan had served more than 2 ½ years of his three-year term. The at-large position will be up for election this January.
       GoG Club aids employee
       A fire Feb. 21 displaced 40-year Garden of the Gods Club (GGC) grounds crew employee Bill Daily from his uninsured Old Colorado City-area home, along with his wife and three dependent grandchildren.
       But the “GGCC community has become an extended family of sorts,” and initiated efforts to help Daily and his family, according to Christina White, communications manager for the club.
       Between the GGCC membership donations and the Sunrise Company, which owns the club, $20,000 was raised. “Those funds ended up being enough to cover all restoration costs, thanks to an outpouring of support from Woodmen Valley Chapel volunteers, local tradesmen and home building retailers, White explains in an e- mail. “Nearly all of the building supplies were donated or provided at cost, and over 80 percent of the labor was offered compassionately and free of charge.”
       On July 10, the family was able to move back into their home of 30 years, according to White.
       Band open to members
       The New Horizons Band of Colorado Springs will host an informal meeting for interested musicians Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 9:30 a.m. at the First Evangelical Free Church, 820 N. 30th St.
       Now in its ninth year, the non-profit organization has six bands in all. No experience is necessary for the beginners group.
       The band leader is Ed Nuccio, former band instructor at Cheyenne Mountain High School.
       “We welcome adult beginners and those who desire to resume the interest in instrumental music now that they are building or have built careers,” the New Horizons website states, adding that the age requirement for all but one of the bands is 40 or over.
       Band members are asked to pay tuition, which equals about $3 per rehearsal hour. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
       For more information, call Ed or Mary Nuccio at 634-2463 or go to nhbcosmusic.com.
       RMFI fall work season
       The Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) will begin its fall work schedule in the Garden of the Gods the weekend of Sept. 11-12, with 16 workdays through mid- November. To sign up, call 471-7736.

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